Coolest Features Of YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is an impressive new Youtube client that allows you to utilize this popular video sharing site for streaming and some extra features as well. However, it's important to remember that those extra features don't come free. The most interesting aspect about YouTube Vanced is how it allows you to listen to your videos even when you switch your smartphone off. In addition to this awesome function, YouTube Vanced has some other neat features that I will talk about today. If you are looking for something new and exciting from your existing Youtube application, then you want to check out what YouTube Vanced has to offer.


Coolest Features Of The Amazing YouTube Vanced Application

One of the coolest features in this version of YouTube Vanced that I love is the new feature called YouTube Backgrounds. You can also go get it for free from the given link.

  1. This feature lets you choose an image or photograph that will play in the background while you view a video. You can do a lot with this Xposed module so if you have some creativity, you should be able to create some cool images and photographs to place in your YouTube Vanced background. I prefer photography as my video background but whatever style of picture you choose, it will look great. If you are looking for a different image to showcase on your video, simply search for it in the marketplace and you should have no problem finding what you need.
  2. The next reason why using youtube Vanced is a great idea is because this application is so easy to install. To install this amazing application, all you have to do is open up the installer app and follow the easy step-by-step installation process. This way, your device will be ready to go straight out of the box without having to worry about any type of technical setup issues.
  3. The third reason why using YouTube Vanced for sharing and organizing your videos is so great is because it also gives you access to a few additional features that are highly useful. The first added feature to YouTube Vanced that I am excited about is the gallery. This feature allows me to easily manage and view all of my videos in one place making it extremely easy to find what I'm looking for. Just like before, with the Gallery, you can upload videos that you find to be of interest and then you can sort through them to organize them based on category, tags, or even location.
  4. The next additional feature of YouTube Vanced is that I love is HD capabilities. This awesome application gives me the ability to adjust the quality of my video to fit my HDTV perfectly. This makes it so much easier whenever I want to share a video on social media that I know it will come out of high quality. For example, when I am watching a YouTube video about hiking tips, I can make it so the screen is super bright so that everyone who is nearby can see it.
  5. The last feature that I like about the YouTube Vanced app is the window-style menu. One of the biggest problems that I have had with YouTube in the past is having to click on my computer's desktop every time I wanted to go to one of their videos or search bars. When I think about how long it would take me to get to the options menu if I did not have this window-style menu, I instantly start preferring YouTube to viddy. The reason why I like Vanced so much is that it provides a much cleaner interface to YouTube. It has a lighter color scheme and uses white backgrounds which makes everything run along much smoother.

In addition to that, the advanced version allows me to turn on the "increased play" feature. The other additional features include the dark theme which I mentioned earlier. With the dark theme, everything is just a bit darker which makes everything run smoothly.


All in all, I love the YouTube Vanced theme and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy-to-use yet unique YouTube experience on their android devices. This theme provides a unique combination of functions including the window style menu, a great dark theme, easy access to the login screen, enhanced security, and the ability to turn on the "increased play" feature which allows me to watch up to two videos simultaneously. If you are looking for a unique and user-friendly YouTube application, then I would highly recommend trying out the YouTube Vanced application.

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