Download GB Whatsapp - Hide Blue Tick With GB Whatsapp

With the help of GB Whatsapp, it is possible for you to keep in touch with your close friends and family through the use of mobile phones. The application enables one to send text messages and share images with people all over the world. All you need to do is install GB Whatsapp on the device with which you wish to connect. In addition, it is possible for one to chat with people using their mobiles.

GB Whatsapp

Download GB Whatsapp

The first thing that you would need to do is to download this GB Whatsapp and install it on your android device. Install it directly from the link. Once you have installed the app, you will be able to control all the functions of your phone through the keyboard. This means that you would not be forced to use the touchscreen like in some apps.

Advanced Features Of GB Whatsapp

  1. GB Whatsapp provides several advanced features that make it extremely popular among users. Apart from the usual personalization options, GB Whatsapp provides options to change the language setting to the preferred one and disable voice calls on sensitive data. You can also lock the special chats with any individual if you possess any private chats.
  2. GB Whatsapp allows the user to customize the whole interface according to his needs. The user can change the settings and he can select several themes such as blue ticks, red ticks, solid colors, and various other colors. If you want your device to look different than others, you should download this GBWhatsapp app.
  3. The GB Whatsapp has some cool features that enable you to disable voice and video calls on the phone. When you activate the moded app, you will get several options such as controlling the volume of the video and speaking through the microphone. You can also turn off Bluetooth on your phone. This mod only requires that you tap the Bluetooth icon on your device and that you enable it. You are done!

How To Use GB Whatsapp And Its Features

To use GB Whatsapp, you should open the chat and type the text on it. If you are chatting on a particular topic, then you may also add some short comments on the discussions. Once you are finished with the text, just tap the back button, and you are done. You can change the settings of the app according to the types of conversations that you want to participate in.

There are several advantages of downloading this mod. Apart from controlling your voice and text chats, the GBWhatsapp can be used as a translator in addition to allowing you to speak and send in real-time. The translation mod comes with several options, such as supplying a translated word for any message that you post. You may also choose to use the phrasebook, in which case the phrase will be recorded into the IM's chat history.

Last Seen On GB Whatsapp

The last seen allows you to see who has been chatting online recently and also shows you their connection status. The connection status is an important feature because it lets you know if the person is online or not. You can see whether they are using a mobile carrier such as GB Whatsapp or a landline number. You get all this information in real-time and you would never have to guess at what the anti-revoke feature of WhatsApp is!

The file manager lets you select and download all files that are in your MMS folder. This file manager should be able to access MMS messages that have images, audio clips, or video attachments. If you are looking to send large files, then you should install the large file manager. The tap file manager lets you browse through your current files and then you can select to copy, delete or move the file.

The best part about the GB Whatsapp is that it lets you know who is calling you as well as showing you the caller's IP address. You get to see exactly who is calling you or showing you their IP address to block them. Plus, you get to see which phone number is causing the problem. You can now easily trace the callers using the call detail information that is displayed in the call log. Moreover, it lets you hide blue tick in the contact details that are sent by email.


The GB Whatsapp is a very powerful android app that lets you easily track down prank phone calls. It is also an amazing text sender that allows you to send instant messages from your smartphone. To make it more personal, you can even hide the blue ticks of the different contacts to make it look like you don't even have a smartphone. The GB WhatsApp is a very powerful task manager that will help you manage all the little things that come with your smartphone. Plus, it has several tweaks that allow you to customize it to what you need.

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