What Are The Main Features Of GB Whatsapp?

Well, it's safe to say that WhatsApp has definitely gained a lot of popularity within recent years, but then again, there are also some who find the official WhatsApp application to be somewhat boring. One such alternative is a free app called GB Whatsapp and it provides people with so much more than just the regular functionality of ordinary messaging service. What's more, this amazing app enables you to chat with people from all around the world and at the same time, they can do the same with you. With this amazing facility, you never really know who you're going to chat with until you get online.

GB Whatsapp

Features Of GB Whatsapp

This fantastic app comes with a number of different features that ensure that you get all the pleasure of communicating with people from all over the globe. The latest version of GB Whatsapp also gives users access to a sub-tab for groups. This allows you to switch between different groups when you need to. For example, if you're in the mood to chat with your friends in England, you can simply switch to the group "English speakers" or if you'd rather chat with people in India, the sub-tab for that will be named as such.

In addition to the sub-tabs, the official server of GB Whatsapp also allows you to manage your account from anywhere in the world. As long as you have internet connectivity, you will have access to the manager from wherever you are. The ability to manage your message inbox via the official server as well as managing your profile means that you don't have to install any software on your computer or connect to the internet on a daily basis. You also don't have to wait for updates since the manager updates itself automatically.

Share Pictures And Videos With GB Whatsapp

One feature most people would find useful is the facility to share pictures and videos. You can upload your latest photos and videos on your GB WhatsApp and send them to any number of contacts all from the comfort of your home. This means that you'll never miss a single minute of your life since you'll always be able to connect to your friends. Since the manager also allows you to upload and manage your contacts from your browser, it also means that you won't have to switch from one computer to another to see who just sent you a cute picture or video. Since most people use their computers as a means of communication, having access to an instant messenger such as this one will mean that you don't have to go through major technological changes when changing contact information.

Aside from these major advantages, there are some minor features provided by the free version of GB Whatsapp which makes it even more appealing to download and try. The main screen allows you to browse your account by category and sub-categories. Next to each category is a search field where you can set keywords to narrow down the list of email addresses that you want to get more information about. If you want to search for all of the people in your network who are signed up to the service, you can do so with the search bar and then filter down to the members with who you wish to communicate. If you use one of the advanced features offered by the app such as the folder feature, you can set the name and the path of your folders and choose whether you wish to create a new folder for every message or not.

File Manager In GB Whatsapp

As if the simple features weren't enough, the file manager provided by the free version of GB Whatsapp also deserves special mention. The app allows you to open, save, and share any kind of text file you want to with your contacts even if they're on the account already. Moreover, the manager lets you rename, move, and delete files as you wish. If you're wondering how it's possible to transfer large files like images and videos when using mobile phones, the file manager makes the task extremely easy and hassle-free.

The file manager also allows you to check whether you have received new messages on your phone and play it for you and the people who are on the account. Furthermore, you can add your Twitter, Facebook, and other network accounts to your personal account and see them updated in real-time. Last but not the least, the app allows you to share your media files using one of the social sharing services, as well as download them onto your phone. The best thing about all these amazing features is that they're completely free. If you think that it's a bit much to pay for a little social networking service, you should consider downloading the free version first to test its capabilities before you decide to upgrade to the full version.


It is evident that the free version of GB Whatsapp is able to perform much better than the paid version. It is also able to handle a larger number of users since it has an "official" capacity of 100 MB of messages and attachments. These modems allow us to stay connected to our friends no matter where we may be. So, if you're still using an old phone that has no internet connection, then why don't you download the free version and experience the difference it can bring you?

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